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How much does Growthpoint cost?

Your first 30 days of membership is completely free, letting you get a clear understanding of exactly how Growthpoint works.

If you decide to stay with us after your 30-day free trial, our monthly membership fee ranges from $67 to $447, depending on which plan you choose. For more information, please take a look at our pricing page.

I have no experience with internet marketing. Is this for me?

No prior knowledge of marketing is required to use Growthpoint. We'll provide you with everything you need - and if you ever have any questions, your personal marketing advisor is always there to help.

Am I committed for a certain number of months if I join Growthpoint?

Absolutely not - we don't believe in long-term contracts or anything like that. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Why do I need an invite code to sign up for a free trial membership?

Due to the personal support that we give each of our members, Growthpoint memberships are by invitation only, and are limited in each geographical area.

If your invite code no longer works, it unfortunately means that we have already reached our membership quota in your area.

So are you marketing my business for me or providing tools to do it myself?

That really depends on you and your business...

Some of our members want a "do-it-yourself" approach, using our step-by-step guides and tools to manage all of their online marketing in one place.

Others prefer a hybrid approach, where they handle certain things and we cover other areas for them.

And some of our members choose to have us take care of everything for them, so that they don't have to lift a finger!

I'm already working with a marketing company that does my...

Great. So are some of our members, and they use us to fill in the gaps that these other services don't cover. We don't have any 'competitors' in the traditional sense because, well, no one else really does what we do.

Even if you're working with another company that handles certain aspects of your marketing, we invite you to give us a try (for free, of course). We can almost guarantee you'll learn something that'll help grow your business.

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