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The Growthpoint Story

Growthpoint was created in response to a very specific need. As experienced internet marketers, we had been helping a variety of companies sell their products and services online.

During this time, we kept hearing the same question:

"How do I market my business on the internet?"

But this question wasn't coming from the companies that we were working with. It was coming from local business owners.

Whether they were hairdressers, personal trainers, accountants, contractors, or dentists, they all had the same fundamental problem: none of them knew how to effectively promote themselves online, yet they all recognized that it was something they needed to be doing.

We were very surprised to find that there wasn't a straightforward way for them to learn, either. Sure, there were services that would charge $1000's to do some of the work for them, but this just wasn't feasible for most of these people: they needed a solution that was affordable, comprehensive, time-efficient, and effective.

That's why we decided to create Growthpoint.

At Growthpoint, it is our mission to help local business owners grow their businesses with internet marketing. You don't need to be an expert or spend thousands of dollars to see results. We provide our members with all of the knowledge, tools, services, and personal support they need to grow their businesses - without breaking the bank.

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