The Anatomy Of A Local Business Website

Every business needs a website. Period. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – or even if your business is very small: having a website has become an expected part of running a business these days. Without a website, marketing yourself on the internet is much less effective. These days, almost 60% of local […]

Writing Effective Emails For Your Business

Even if you’re very familiar with email, writing great email newsletters requires a slightly different approach than you might be used to. You see, people receive A LOT of email these days. Some of it is from friends and family, which generally gets opened and read, but a lot of promotional and business emails get quickly […]

How To Respond To Online Business Reviews

Responding to people who have reviewed your business on these sites is an easy way to convey great customer service and attract new business. Many businesses fear bad reviews. In fact, some have even tried to sue Yelp (unsuccessfully) for not removing negative reviews about their business that they felt were unfair. The reality is […]

Which Local Online Directories Actually Matter?

Getting your business accurately listed in a variety of online directories has become increasingly important. Pretty much any local business marketing consultant will suggest that you do this, in addition to fixing any listings in directories where your business info is incorrect or outdated. The thing is, there are a lot of these directories – […]

Mobile Websites Vs Responsive Design

Mobile is huge these days, there is absolutely no question about it. In fact, by 2015, there could be more mobile traffic than desktop traffic on the internet. This means that your customers are likely using mobile devices too – browsing the internet on their iPhones, Androids, and tablets. However, if your website isn’t properly […]

Should You Ask For Likes In Your Facebook Posts?

When promoting your business on Facebook, one of the main goals is to get people to actively engage with your posts. In reality, this is more difficult than you might think. You see, there is this thing called EdgeRank. It basically determines how many of your posts get seen by the people that have liked […]

3 Easy Ways To Get More Online Reviews

We’ve discussed before how online reviews are important. In fact, they may be one of the single most important components of a smart online marketing strategy for your business. That being said, very few local businesses proactively try to increase their online reviews. They either don’t know how, or think that it is somehow inappropriate […]